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Download: Belgrave Kinsmen Minutes Wednesday September 5 2018

Belgrave Kinsmen Minutes Wednesday September 5,2018

Location: Belgrave Arena

Meal: Trevor


Members in attendance:

Wally, Paul, Dwight, Chris, Gavin, Trevor, Mike, Jim, Darrell, Chad, Dean


Guests in attendance:

Paul (Deputy Governor – Zone) Kim (Deputy Governor – Zone)


Address to chair: President Trevor, fellow Kin. Welcome guests. Hope to have a good year.


Sgt arms: Gavin

D.D: Trevor

Kin Song: Dwight

Kin Grace: Jim


Secretary Report: Nothing to report


Registrar’s report: All members unpaid


Treasure report: Club account 5969.98, Service account 19,952.40


Arena Board report: Nothing to report


Committee reports: Nothing to report


Zone Business (presented by Deputy Governors aka DG):

  • Kin College on Sept 17
    • Aim is for new members
    • Able to register online
  • The zone is looking to do a club executive meeting
    • Details to come (provided by zone)
  • Cystic fibrosis night
    • Attempting to have CF night this year
    • Zone to provide a speaker for the event, all club has to do is host
    • DG recommended possible of doing on Mother’s Day after breakfast
    • Chris advised issue last year due to limited member availability due to planting season, recommended club determine an alternate date
  • Zone dues coming up
    • Trevor to receive information
  • District dues sent in June
    • Paul (DG) to resend to Trevor as their contact email on record is incorrect
  • Fall Leadership Conference (FLC)
    • First weekend in November
    • Halloween theme
    • Location: St. Thomas
    • Can register for weekend or for single day (Saturday)
  • Club Service Reporting
    • Clubs are to provide service report to zone at end of year
    • Last year only 50% of clubs provided report (we were not one of them)
    • Provide service $ collected for year
    • Provide total number of hours completed by club
      • Thought is to add service hours to committee report
    • Reported 20 million in service $ in Canada – note that this is only from clubs reporting values
  • Club Health Assessment
    • Optional assessment available to clubs
    • Can have zone representative assist
    • Used to set goals and targets for club
    • Focused on member retention
    • Resources available on kincanada.ca
  • Certification Ceremony
    • New executives sworn in
  • Kin website member area
    • Member section of kincanada.ca will be changing to ikin.ca
    • Will be notified when change is complete by zone
  • Accredited Delegates forms
    • Needed for Kin Canada functions that have voting actions
    • No form = no votes
    • When voting, delegate gets the number of votes per club membership (i.e. we would have 19 votes if we use last year’s membership count)
  • Facebook Groups
    • DGs reminded us of the Facebook groups for national, district and zone
  • Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) 2019 Bid
    • Clubs that wish to host the 2019 FLC are encouraged to enter a bid
    • Must be able to provide conference space for 100-300 people and access to hotel accommodations
  • Event Advertising
  • Insurance Reporting
    • Paul (DG) had individual conversation with Trevor regarding requirements
  • Financial Statements
    • Reviewed financial statements and reports are required to be sent to Matt at district
  • OPP Vulnerable Sector Check)
    • New process
    • Required for Presidents and Treasurers
    • Required for new members (grey area)
      • Questions on this to be sent to DGs for further follow-up if needed


Old Business:

  • Chad’s wedding
    • Chris determined bill based on standard rate
    • All incurred costs for goods were already agreed to be paid by Chad
    • Question to members in attendance of what form of discount as Chad is a member
    • Dean motioned to waive the bill for all service hours as there was no financial cost as Chad payed for all costs incurred
      • Wally seconded
      • All in favour
      • Motion carried
  • Belgrave Mites Baseball
    • Club donated jerseys
    • Team send notice saying thank you to the club
    • Team provided picture in frame
    • Picture to be placed in case in arena
  • Dalton Delisle Wedding
    • September 15
    • Initially agreed on $500 donation to put out the meal (warm up pre-cooked meat)
    • Services requested from mother of the bride increased
      • Cleanup
      • Dishes
      • Look after water on tables
      • Setting out desert and coffee
    • Need to bring trailer
    • 2 groups needed
      • 1 group to be there at noon (time needs to be validated as might be 1 pm – time wasn’t documented at time of discussion at meeting) to set up and cook
      • 1 group to be there at 6 to finish cleanup, serve coffee/desert, etc
    • Most members are unable to make it due to end of year ball tournament and out of area
    • Chris to send out email to see who can help
  • Kinsmen White Shirts
    • 2 individuals did not provide size so not ordered
    • Only 4 have been paid for ($23 per member)
  • 40th Anniversary
    • Need names of past members – Trevor has
    • Need to set a date
  • Beer Tour
    • Still a possible event however as determined from last year transportation cost is very high
    • Better option is to host at arena
    • Gavin stepping down as coordinator of that event


New Business:

  • Jim McGee Celebration of Life
    • Club to provide bartending services and food top up
    • Set up stage
    • Maroon ball team will be setting up chairs and tables Thursday night
      • Club members offered to help if available
    • Decision to wear white kin shirt and red tie
    • Time is from 1-4pm
      • Meet at noon and service until end (undetermined time)
    • Chris motioned that any Kinsmen time and incurred costs are donated
      • Gavin seconded
      • Motion carried
  • Kin Trailer – Borrowing
    • Question asked if the ask to borrow the trailer has to be handled in a meeting with a motion
    • Response was that as long as everyone knows and there is no conflict with events, notification is needed but no motion
  • Picnic Table Reservations/Rentals
    • Tables are booked through the arena board
    • No rental fee but will accept donation
  • Event Calendar
    • Request to have event calendar sent to club earlier this year
    • Event dates need to be determined
    • Groups remain the same as last year
  • Cash Calendar
    • Need to start finding sponsors
    • Issues last year with quality of calendar (extra days, incorrect day of week printed) – need to be discussed with printer
  • Wingham Silver Stick
    • Jeff Ireland reached out
    • Chris motioned same donation as last year of $75
      • Wally Seconded
      • Motion carried
  • Kinsmen Park
    • Last spring motion carried to spend $500 from 150th committee on lights for park for Christmas
      • Township will cover costs for any electrical enhancements needed such as wiring, etc
    • Need to determine date and time to set up as well as take down
    • Will need to be an annual event
  • Fence
    • Red fencing needs to be installed
    • Date to complete to be determined
  • Meeting Hosts and Meals
    • List of dates for meetings to be determined
    • From list, members to select dates to host or provide a meal


Fines – 4.00

D.D – 17.25


Meeting closed without official adjournment (motion/second).


Next meeting at Wally’s on September 19th



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