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Belgrave Kinsmen Minutes Wednesday December 19, 2018

Location: Chad

Meal: Jim

Members in attendance:

Trevor, Mike, Gavin, Jim, Chad, Wayne, Dean, Darryl, Henri Jr, Dylan

Address to chair: President Trevor, fellow kin. Thank you Chad for the hosting and Jim for supper.

Sgt arms: Gavin

D.D: Chad

Kin Song: Darryl

Kin Grace: Dean

Secretary Report: Mike read minutes from Nov 28 meeting.

Motioned by Chad

Seconded by Jim

All in favour.

Registrar’s report:

  • None

Treasure report:

Club account $5,576.47, Service account $13,175.14

Arena Board report:

  • None

Committee reports:

  • Food drive went well
  • Main street was missed
  • Need to promote

Upcoming Events:

  • Wing Night
    • Date of Jan 12th
    • Toronto plays Boston that night
    • Dwight to chair
    • Update needed – Contact golf course for fryer – Henri
    • Start at 6pm
    • No phone in orders

Old Business:

  • White shirts ordered
    • For Dean and Darrell
    • Available for pickup
  • Cash Calendars
    • Chris has no more calendars
    • Need to take stock of who has extra
    • Jim to run to Casemore’s and Co-op to see if extra remain
    • Darryl to check Edgars
  • 40th Anniversary
    • Placeholder for discussion in new year
  • Red Fencing
    • Chris to check on ordering more
    • Trevor to follow up
  • Christmas Lights
    • Lights hung and lit
    • Chris has more strands
      • Save for next year
  • Ladies Night
    • Check for purses paid last meeting
  • Knives purchased for trailer by Chris
    • Paid at last meeting
  • Chad’s Wedding
    • Gavin to talk to Chat at end of meeting to clear this up
  • Ladies Night
    • $325 for Blyth
      • Township to approve the bar
    • Need to look into a bus to shuttle – Dean to look into cost/availability
    • Date March 30th
    • Wally to book the hall
  • Good Deeds Cup
    • Recommend kids come out to make a presentation
    • Kevin to provide info
  • Blyth Broomball
    • Need to contact the team and the arena to advise

New Business:

  • Antique snowmobile show
    • Family Day
    • Guy can’t do it because of cancer
    • Dwight to check to see who was running it and what is required
  • Chairs need to be assigned for each event remaining in the season
    • Wing Night – Group A – Dwight
    • Family Day Breakfast – Group A – Henri Jr
    • Family Day Volleyball – Group B – Mike
  • Need number of hours for events that have occurred in the past
    • Kids Halloween
    • Halloween Dance
    • Turkey Bingo
    • Fence
    • Christmas Lights
    • Jim McGee Celebration of Life

Fines – 1.75

D.D – 10.00

Meeting closed

Motion: Gavin

Second: Jim

All in Favour

Calendar Draw Jan 2 @ Chad’s

Next meeting location Jan 9 @ Deans’s

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