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Belgrave Kinsmen Minutes Wednesday October 10, 2018

Location: Bill

Meal: Brian

Members in attendance:

Trevor, Mike, Bill, Wayne, Jim, Paul W, Dwight, Will, Brian

Address to chair: President Trevor. Fellow Kin.  Thank you Bill for your beer.

Sgt arms: Jim

D.D: Bill

Kin Song: Will

Kin Grace: Dwight

Secretary Report: Bill read minutes. Motioned by Dwight. Seconded by Wayne. All in favour.

Registrar’s report: 2 paid (Bill, Dwight) – $140 owing per person until Nov 21st meeting. After that date will be $160 per member.

Treasure report: Nothing to report

Club account $5,576.47, Service account $17,289.62

Arena Board report:

  • Liquor license – want Kinsmen to put name on form. Reviewing requirement to determine if needed. Arena board’s license is theirs, not the Kinsmen
  • Closing capital account
  • Bench ordered for out front of arena
  • Rintoul rock delivered and displayed in front of arena
  • Want list of Kinsmen events – advised the Halloween
    • Set up on Friday night
    • Cleanup has to be done Saturday night as shower booked for 10AM sunday
  • Arena board having wing night Dec 1, also on St. Patty Day
  • New case in arena

Committee reports: No committee reports outstanding

Upcoming Events:

October 27th – Halloween – Gavin to chair both

November 29th – turkey bingo

Old Business:

  • Kinsmen White Shirts
    • 2 individuals did not provide size so not ordered
    • Still outstanding ($23 per member)
  • Cash Calendar
    • Need remaining sponsors
    • Money to be provided to Chris
    • Awaiting license number
  • 40th Anniversary
    • Need names of past members – Trevor has
    • Need to set a date
    • Trevor looking to change owner
    • Look to change to later in the season
      • Wally motioned to postpone and discuss in new year
      • Trevor seconded
      • All in favour
  • Beer Tour
    • Motion to remove the event from the plan
      • Motioned: Mike
      • Seconded: Wally
      • In Favour: All
  • Event Calendar
    • Request to have event calendar sent to club earlier this year
    • Event dates need to be determined
    • Groups remain the same as last year
    • See about adding it on the CKNX calendar of events
    • Mike to get Facebook access to send out event information
  • Kinsmen Park
    • Last spring motion carried to spend $500 from 150th committee on lights for park for Christmas
      • Township will cover costs for any electrical enhancements needed such as wiring, etc
    • Need to determine date and time to set up as well as take down
    • Will need to be an annual event
    • Determine if lights have been purchased
  • Fence
    • Red fencing needs to be installed
    • Date to complete to be determined
    • Looking to complete on same date as Christmas lights
    • Believed Chris has it in the shed
    • Goal is 10:00 AM Saturday, October 13
  • Meeting Hosts and Meals
    • List of dates for meetings to be determined
    • From list, members to select dates to host or provide a meal
  • Executive List for 2018-2019
  • President: Trevor Hopf
  • Vice President: Paul Hallahan
  • Treasurer: Gavin Van Camp
  • Secretary: Mike McBurney

New Business:

  • Accredited Delegate for Votes
    • Vote to provide Kim-Marie Lesperale (Center Wellington Kinettes), Paul Schnarr (Listowel Kinsmen) and Lori Schnarr (Palmerston Kinettes) to vote on our club’s behalf
    • Will to email Trevor with the information for voting
    • Motion: Mike, Second: Wally, All in favour: Yes
  • Cystic fibrosis pins available
    • $5 per pin
    • All proceeds to CF
    • Put order into Will
  • Harriston Kinsmen would like to come to one of our meetings. Probably in the new year as we are busy in the fall.
  • Event groups the same as last year:
    • Group A
      • Gavin, Chad, Paul W, Wayne, Henri, Steve
    • Group B
      • Kevin, Will, Dean, Brian, Shane, Darrell, Mike
    • Group C
      • Chris, Bill, Dwight, Paul H, Trevor, Jim
  • Events:
    • Halloween – Chaired by Gavin
      • October 27th
      • Kids 2-4
      • Adults 9-1
    • Turkey Bingo
      • November 29th
    • Wing Night – Chair Needed
      • Mid Jan – TBD
    • Family Day Breakfast – Chair Needed
    • Family Day Volleyball – Will
    • Cash Calendar – Chris
    • Food Drive – Dec 12
      • Boot after for supper – Trevor to call
    • Mothers Day – Henri
    • Ladies Night – Chair Needed
      • March 30 vs April 6
      • All hands on deck
      • Start looking for skits
  • New email list started and passed around in the meeting
    • Phone number to be included
    • Mike to create mailing list if possible to make it easier to send emails to members and groups

Fines – 2.25

D.D – 12.50

Meeting closed

Motion: Trevor

Second: Mike

Next meeting location TBD

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